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Transform your lead guitar playing with one-on-one guidance from a lead guitar expert!

The self expression you seek, is developed fastest with personalized coaching

  • Do you want to solo with confidence and expression at home or with others?

  • Do your solos sound more like scales?​

  • Have videos, books, courses, or apps​ left you still feeling stuck?

  • Do you want to finally understand and utilize the entire fretboard?


What You'll Get:

  • Personalized one-on-one guidance via zoom video sessions

  • ​Optional / Bonus group sessions

  • ​A practice routine with all the things you should be working on

  • Everything you need in one place

  • Get questions answered throughout the week

  • No more scrambling between random videos

  • Proven to provide big results in three months!

  • Keep the materials forever so you can keep advancing for life!

Testimonials from my Students

Confident, Expressive Solos...That Comes from Getting the Right Kind of Help to Get There!

  • A clear path, and quick results will boost your inspiration!

  • Understand the entire fretboard

  • Master timing and add excitement to your playing

  • Develop your ear so you can find keys, chords, and melodies

  • ​Understand how scales and chords relate to maximize your creativity

  • Write and internalize your own licks / phrases

  • Connect your ear to the fretboard to locate your musical ideas

  • Get comfortable soloing on two favorite songs and understand how to approach most other songs

  • Why waste another year struggling? You'll make a big transformation in a few months!

How to learn more or get started:

Message me on social media with the word "SOLO" click one of my pages below




If you do not use any of these, email me at:

We will have a brief conversation, and plan a (free) meeting via zoom.

Thanks, I look forward to helping you achieve guitar solo bliss!

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