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Lineage: Two Generations of Midwestern Blues

As part of the Cedar Commissions, Julian Manzara debuted Lineage: Two Generations of Midwestern Blues, a set of new compositions at the Cedar Cultural Center in February 2018. The Cedar Commissions are supported by the Jerome Foundation. A rough recording of the performance is posted below.
From the promotional material:
"Lineage: Two Generations of Midwestern Blues is an experimental attempt at what blues guitar could be in the 21st century, along with a trail leading back to earlier interpretations of the form. Manzara will present the capabilities of an electronically supercharged guitar while staying true to the ideals of improvised music by leaving plenty of space for the other members of the ensemble. One of which is Julian's father, who will demonstrate the capabilities of the electric guitar within his own eccentric worldview. The goal of the performance is to show the importance of lineage in blues music."
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