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Congrats on beginning your Lead Guitar Transformation!

Here is a checklist for you to get started!

1)  Please CLICK HERE to access the program. Everything you need is in the Materials Sections. Watching the videos is optional. Check them out to see me demonstrate some of the exercises.

2) Bookmark this link and use it to book a one on one session with me each week. Please book your first call now.

3) Optional: Feel free to join our weekly group guitar sessions - Tuesdays at 5:30 PM CENTRAL
I will post a link to the zoom meeting a few minutes in advance here:
Group lessons are recorded and posted in that private group (my students only) so you can review them.

4) Use THIS LINK to film yourself improvising a solo. You can play to any backing track you like or use the "Blues in A" track in the Week 1 Materials section. This is essential for seeing how much you grow during the program. It also helps me see your current skill level.

5) Please make sure to turn on the Original Sound audio setting within Zoom. Check out these videos for help:
Tablet / IPad / Phone  Start video at 2:12

See you soon!  Julian
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